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Just a note to thank everyone for getting up to the 1,000 hits mark, the next big one is 10,000 which I will expect to reach by next Friday :) I am working on a new site design with more emulators, roms and jokes, all the stuff I know ye come here for. Click here for a flash animation which is a taster of what is to come. This page also has a new url so update all your bookmarks!

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Small update this time, a new Mp3 of the Week added. Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit", a really wierd song that is one of my favourite songs. Listen to the lyrics closely to get the real meaning ; ). I have getting a lot of traffic lately but none of ye are signing up to my mailing list or giving me any feedback! Look to your right and sign up as the next update will be a big one. Also updated the links page.


CLick nowJust signed up to a great new offer the pays you for surfing the web. All you have to do is download a program and it takes up a small part of the screen as you browse and displays ads. They pay you 50 cents an hour so that works out that I get paid 40p an hour for surfing the web! If you want to double that sign up for both programs and you get double that!!!Here they are All-Advantage and Utiopaid. Also put a few more things on my roms page (which is located on a different server) and there is a new Mp3 of the week as promised! Stay tuned for more updates.



Put in a new section on the music page called mp3 of the week where I will put a new Mp3 up every week. This week's Mp3 is a spoof version of Britney Spears "Baby, one more time" called "Make my boobies one more time". Work the rest out for yourselves! Also uploaded a few more roms. If you have any requests for Mp3's or roms just mail me and I will put them up straight away!


Optimised all images to reduce each page by about 50% in size, should reduce download time greatly. Also updated Monty Python and roms page. Check out the new Python shopping page!



Just added more stuff to the Monty Python page and put a link to a roms page which will be regularly updated.




I have just made a Monty Python page aswell as a Linux help page. Use the applet to get to them. Check out the animation on my Monty Python page as well as the sounds and scripts. I will make another update fairly soon so subscribe to my mailing list below.




Pass your mouse over the below to see the background change colour and click on the animated "J" in the menu bar to restore the original colour.

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