Linux help

Shell Commands

cd (dirname) Change to said directory
cd .. Return to previous directory
cd Return to root directory
ls List files in current directory
ls -l View attributes of files in directory
rm (filename) Remove that file
mkdir (name) Make a directory called (name)
mv (src) (target) Move file from it's source to a new place
telnet open telnet and connect to
man bash Opens up a help file for all of your bash linux commands
pine Opens up the pine mail program once connected to ocean for reading and writing mail
e (filename) Creates a file and opens up Elvis editor for that file (or edits existing file)
f (username) Fingers a user (!!) i.e. brings up their full name along with info on when they last logged on etc.
talk (username) Fires up a chat program if both users are logged onto . The other user must accept your chat request first.
get (filename) Gets a file
put (filename) Puts a file of said name onto computer you are connected to


Useful commands in vim

(Esc) To command mode
:q Exit program
:q! Exit without saving
(Insert) To insert mode
:w Write
f (file) Rename file being edited
dd delete line
x delete characters
cw change word
o insert line
C change line