Roms page

Roms are console or arcade games which have been transferred to PC for use with emulators so you can play the games as well or better than on the console for which they were designed.

This page is on a separate server to the rest of the site due to free Webspace providers deleting whole sites when they hear that Roms are on their server due to some people thinking Roms are illegal. Still as long as you buy the games and use these roms as backups then you are within the law. Even if you don't I can't really see the serious fraud squad office banging down your door if you download Pokemon. Anyway at the moment I only have a few Roms up but expect that to change very shortly. Sign up to my mailing list on my homepage and I will tell you as soon as they are up.


1. Download the relevant emulator from my emulators page back on my home page.

2. Download the roms onto your harddisk , open them with Winzip and then put them in the same directory as the emulator.

3. Open the "readme" file that comes with the emulator to find out the keys to the game.

4. Then simply load up the emulator and open the rom file. Happy gaming!



Game Filesize My Rating
WaveRace 69Kb * *
Pokemon Blue 371Kb * * * * *
Zelda 290Kb * * * *



Game Filesize My Rating
Super Mario RPG 2.6Mb * * * *
UniRacer 1Mb ***


Soccer Brawl (Neo-geo) 3mb